Pliosaurus funkei from Planet Dinosaur.

Pliosaurus funkei (a.k.a Predator X) was a huge pliosaurid reptile from the Late Jurassic.  It was a colossus, being 10 - 13 metres long and 45 tonnes.

In Planet Dinosaur

Pliosaurus is first seen in the open ocean, slowly swimming along. John Hurt explains it's discovery and size. It chases some Kimmerosaurus, but fails when they escape to a shallow water lagoon. Later, it returns when the tide rises, but in the shallow water, it fails to catch the agile prey. After the Allosaurus hunt, John Hurt tells us about violently ripped apart pleisosaur bones, and reveals a chilling story on a severly crushed pleisosaur skull, with a few vertebrate, but nothing else - it was missing its body. After this, Pliosaurus spots a hunting Kimmerosaurus near the surface. it rushes up from below, stunning the prey by crashing into the lungs. After struggling to clear it, the Kimmmerosaurus tries to swim away. Pliosaurus rips away a rear paddle, and zooms into the dark below. But just as it sees the nursery, Pliosaurus grabs the Kimmerosaurus, its neck trapped in its ravenous jaws. It crashes back into the sea, and shakes the prey. The neck is severed in mere seconds, and Pliosaurus shakes the corpse to pieces, finally getting its longed-for meal.


  • Pliosaurus funkei was depicted far larger than the real animal.  The real animal was only 10 - 13 metres long when it was depicted as 15 metres.