Quetzalcoatlus in Flying Monsters.

Quetzalcoatlus was an azdarchid pterosaur from Late Cretaceous Texas.  It was joint largest pterosaur with Hatzegopteryx.

In Walking with DinosaursEdit

Quetzalcoatlus had a minor appearance in the episode `Death of a Dynasty` where a Deinosuchus was trying to hunt it.  The Quetzalcoatlus was able to escape in time.

In Flying MonstersEdit

Quetzalcoatlus had a major role in Flying Monsters.  One Quetzalcoatlus walked up to a dinosaur carcass in the distance, but there was already another one there.  It made the another one back down so it could eat.  Two lizards came to the carcass to feed but the eating Quetzalcoatlus ate it.

There was a scene with David Attenborough in a glider.  A Quetzalcoatlus was flying with him until the pterosaur found a flock of his species.

The last scene had the Quetzalcoatlus fly off a rocky cliff and fly over a huge plateau.


  • The Quetzalcoatlus in Flying Monsters were shown scavenging.  This theory is now obsolete.