Sarcosuchus from Walking with Dinosaurs.

Sarcosuchus was prehistoric crocodyliform from Late Cretaceous Africa and South America.  It was one of the largest crocodiles ever.

In Walking with Dinosaurs

Sarcosuchus made a minor appearance in the special `Land of Giants.`  Nigel Marven found it in a river and provoked it.  Nigel then got a stick and held it near its mouth, risking his life in the process.  The crocodile snapped the stick, causing Nigel to nearly have a heart attack.  The Sarcosuchus then returned back into the lake.

At the very end, the Sarcosuchus returned at the end as it attacked Nigel and his cameraman.  

In Planet Dinosaur

Sarcosuchus appeared in 2 episodes:  `Lost World` and `New Giants.`  In Lost World, it had a very brief appearance where it scared away a Spinosaurus when it disturbed its hibernation during a drought.


The Sarcosuchus from Planet Dinosaur.

It had a major appearance in New Giants where it attacks a juvenile Paralititan who got stuck in mud.  Whilst tugging on its leg, a Carcharodontosaurus appeared after smelling the juvenile's wound.  The Sarcosuchus and the Carcharodontosaurus fought a tug-of-war.  In the end, the Carcharodontosaurus won but the herd of Paralititan scared it away.