A Phorusrhacos from Walking with Beasts.

Terror Birds were flightless carnivorous birds from the Paleogene and Neogene periods of Earth's history.

In Walking with Beasts

Phorusrhacos appeared in the episode `Sabre Tooth.`  It was first seen as a pair chasing a Smilodon cub.  One of the birds tipped it over with its beak.  Just when they were about to complete the kill, Half-Tooth (an adult male Smilodon) scared the birds away.

A flock of Phorusrhacos waited around a Macrauchenia a pack of Smilodon just killed.  One daring individual tore a bit of flesh off the carcass when the cats were still feeding.  When the pack went, the birds started eating the carcass.

One Phorusrhacos later killed a juvenile Macrauchenia.  Half-Tooth then stole the carcass of it.

When Half-Tooth seriously injured on of the Smilodon brothers, a pair of Phorusrhacos were seen eating the carcass.

In Prehistoric Park

Saving the Sabertooth

In the episode `Saving the Sabertooth,` a Phorusrhacos was seen hanging around a dead Toxodon a Smilodon killed.  After the pack left, the bird began to eat.  Then, one of the cats came back and scared it away.  Nigel Marven got a chunk of meat and tied it to his car.  The Phorusrhacos follow Nigel through the time portal and into the park.  Bob created a pen for it.  In the end, the Phorusrhacos settled into the park.


Between the events of `Saving the Sabertooth` and `Supercroc,` the Phorusrhacos had been escaping its pen due to having dirt baths.  Bob and his team had to fill in the holes with stones.  In `Supercroc,` the Terror Bird once again escaped so Bob had to lead it to its pen with a slice of meat.  When the Titanosaurs wrecked havoc in the park, they broke down the Phorusrhacos' pen.  It was later fixed and the bird was returned to it.

In Primeval